"I’ve really tried to understand the Israelis. I used to work on a farm in Israel. I speak Hebrew. I watch their news. All the time they talk about fear. How they have to run to their bunkers to hide from the rockets. How their children can’t sleep because of the sirens. This is not a good way for them to live. We Palestinians don’t talk about fear, we talk about death. Our rockets scare them; their rockets kill us. We have no bomb shelters, we have no sirens, we have nowhere we can take our children and keep them safe. They are scared. We are dying."
- Mohammed al-Khoudry a Palestinian farmer in Gaza. (via news)
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Natalie Dormer photographed by Nick Kelly, 2013

Natalie Dormer photographed by Nick Kelly, 2013

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Anonymous asked:
Can problematic kinks or fetishes be used in a progressive way?



do you have a land redistribution fetish


YOU DEMANDED IT! Check out the full-length official trailer for Dear White People before it hits theaters this weekend. 


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"““Same Love” is Acceptance for Dummies, essentially, a song for those who need to be told by one of their own that those who are different from them are human beings, too, and deserving of the same respect as anyone else… [I]t’s certainly infuriating to see those who fit into the status quo — that is, straight white guys — be rewarded and pat themselves on the back for accomplishing something that those of us who have felt alienated, ridiculed, and discriminated against have worked so damn hard on for years…"
- Le1f, Flavorwire (via anaomily)




"I also think it says a lot about our culture that when we talk about BDSM and feminism, we pretty much always mean BDSM within a cis-het relationship, usually referring to a power dynamic where the man is dominant and the woman is submissive. No one ever asks if BDSM between two (or more!) women is feminist, and dominant women aren’t often discussed except in the OHHHHH SCARY SHE’S A DOMINATRIX kinda way. So, as a friend recently pointed out to me, that right there shows you that it’s not so much BDSM that’s problematic, but the way that we assign and act out gender roles. And, again, that’s not to say that men who are dominant are never misogynists, just that one doesn’t necessarily have to equal the other."
- Ask A Feminist: Is BDSM Inherently Misogynist? | The Belle Jar (via brutereason)


bi/pan women are not more or less oppressed than lesbian women. they’re differently oppressed. stop promoting the idea that one group is more privileged than the other. situational lack of oppression is not the same thing as privilege.

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